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BoF #26 – Film Festival Curation with Thom Powers

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 26. This week we are joined by documentary film festival curator Thom Powers. Thomas curates the Toronto International Film Festival Documentary program along with programs at the upcoming Montclair Film Festival (April 28 to May 4th), Miami Film Festival, Sundance NOW among others. […]

BoF #25 – David Michael Latt, The Asylum

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 25. This week we are joined by David Michael Latt, partner at The Asylum, the mega genre production house behind Sharknado. This episode will give you the scoop behind what it takes to produce 25 movies in one year. Yes, that’s right… (not […]

BoF #24 Steve Beckman, FilmBuff, Head of Content Partnerships

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 24. This week we are joined by the Head of Content Partnerships at FilmBuff. FilmBuff distributes fresh, original, and distinctive feature films including – Senna, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Escape from Tomorrow and more. In this episode we go into detail with […]

BoF #23 Theatrical on Demand with Scott Glosserman, CEO Gathr

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 23. This week we are joined by Scott Glosserman, CEO of Gathr Films. Was truly very excited to have Scott on the show. Gathr was a pioneer of the theatrical-on-demand model. In this episode we discuss – How the independents are not built […]

Kevin Stitt Uncut, editor

Kevin Stitt kicks it into high gear with this power chat with one of the top action editors working today. Kevin has worked on such films as Jack Reacher, A Knights Tale, 42, Cloverfield, The Kingdom among many others. In this uncut podcast, we have the opportunity to really dive […]

Kevin Stitt (Part 3), editor Cloverfield

We loved our interview with Kevin so much that we chopped this sucker up into a bonus epsiode, and our final of Season 3 of In the Cut. Kevin gives us the super secret story behind how he got the job on J.J. Abrams’ Cloverfield. We also get some of […]

BoF #22 Tom Cunha, Brigade Marketing

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 22. This week we are joined by Tom Cunha, CEO of Brigade Marketing . Brigade Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency focusing on the entertainment industry. They’ve worked on the campaigns of both studio and indie films. In this episode we […]

Kevin Stitt (Part 2), editor Jack Reacher

We’re back with part 2 of this most excellent of interviews with the editor of Jack Reacher, Mr. Kevin Stitt. Car chases… cutting… and throw backs to the French Connnection. In this episdoe we talk Tom Cruise driving and editing Jack Reacher. We really get into the editing of Reacher […]

BoF #21 Sheri Candler, Digital Marketing Strategist

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 21. This week we welcome digital marketing strategist Sheri Candler. She also serves as the Director of Digital Marketing Strategy for The Film Collaborative, a non profit film distribution and filmmaker education organization, consulting with filmmakers on the marketing strategies for their films. […]

Kevin Stitt, editor Payback

Stoked to welcome the editor of Payback, A Knight’s Tale, The Kingdom and all your favorite action films… to the show. Not only Kevin just plain awesome, he know’s the craft like no other. It’s wonderful to talk chop with him here on In the Cut and we were super […]

BoF #20 – Scilla Andreen, CEO IndieFlix

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 20. This week we welcome the CEO of IndieFlix, Scilla Andreen to the show. We’re super stoked to have her on the Business of Film podcast. IndieFlix has been blazing the path for indepedent film since Scilla launched the service back in 2004 […]

Lisa Zeno Churgin Uncut, editor

In this episode we talk performances by Sean Penn, in depth conversation on Gattica and as always, much much more. Our exclusive uncut interview with Lisa Zeno Churgin, editor of Gattaca, Priest, Pitch Perfect and more. WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE Other posts you may enjoy: Michael Jablow, editor Old […]

Lisa Zeno Churgin, editor Gattaca

Super stoked to have Lisa Zeno Churgin, editor of Gattaca and The Cider House Rules. Lisa has also worked on such films as Dead Man Walking, The Wedding Planner, House of Sand and Fog, and most recently Pitch Perfect. In this episode, we talk some of the greats in the […]

Mega Q&A on Film Distribution with Mark Urman

Recently, on our Business of Film podcast we chatted with former co-President of Lionsgate Releasing and co-Founder of ThinkFILM, Mark Urman, who now runs indepedent film distribtion company, Paladin, in New York. We felt there was so much amazing information in our time with Mark, that we’d synthesize some of […]

BoF #19 Film Distribution with Mark Urman, Paladin

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 19.This week we welcome Mark Urman, President of Paladin to the show. Mark began his career at United Artists where he worked on the studio side and on such films as Rocky, Woody Allen films and several James Bond films. From there, he […]

Douglas Crise Uncut, editor

Our exclusive uncut interview with Douglas Crise, editor of Spring Breakers, Arbitrage and Babel . Get the insider information on cutting and working with talents such as Cate Blanchett, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and more…! WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE PART 1 PART 2 Other posts you may enjoy: Michael […]

Douglas Crise (Part 2), editor Spring Breakers

We’re back for part 2 of our exclusive interview Douglas Crise editor of Spring Breakers and Arbitrage In this episode we dive deeper into “finding the cut” and working with great performances. We also get a glimpse of how Steven Soderbergh works with his editors. Where you spend your time […]

BoF #18 Film Distribution with James Shapiro, Drafthouse Films

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 18. This week we welcome James Shapiro, executive and COO of Drafthouse Films to the show. Drafthouse Films is the film distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and is a curated brand of provocative, visionary and artfully unusual films new and old […]

Douglas Crise (Part 1), editor Babel

Douglas Crise cut his teeth first assisting on Ocean’s Eleven, Good Night and Good Luck and Traffic before going on to cut Babel, Arbitrage and Spring Breakers. In this episode, we chat cutting Good Night and Good Luck and some interesting stories on Babel… … oh, and one story about […]

BoF #17 Jeanne Bowerman, editor Script Magazine

Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 17. This week we welcome Jeanne Bowerman, editor of Script Magazine. Along with her duties at Script Magazine, she also writes a regular column on the site entitled Balls of Steel. There she chronicles her fearless journey as a screenwriter. This post probably […]